OSUPD Annual Awards

Tom Shankle and Eric Whiteside
Tom Shankle, Supervisor of the Year
Eric Whiteside, Jacob Lee and Matthew Catron
Lieutenant Matthew Catron and Officer Jacob Lee, Commendation Award recipients
Brandon Yankanin, Jeremy Allen, Seth Cooper
Lieutenant Brandon Yankanin, Officer Jeremy Allen and Officer Sherwin Granger, Team Award recipients

The Ohio State University Police Division recognized several officers and a member of the community with its 2023 Annual Award Ceremony on May 5, 2024. 

“We are honored to work at The Ohio State University,” said OSUPD Deputy Chief Eric Whiteside. “But I also believe this institution is lucky to have a group of well-trained officers who are truly committed to community policing.”

The Officer of the Year Award was given to Adrienne Ward, after having two nomination letters sent in for her. 

“If there’s an easy way to accomplish a task, she rarely takes it,” said Officer Randy Petit in his nomination letter. “She dives headfirst into investigations and takes ownership of them, ensuring victims receive justice.” 

Supervisor of the Year was given to Lieutenant Tom Shankle, who has been with the division for 16 years. Shankle graduated from the Supervisor Training and Education Program, or STEP, in November, which is a testament to his dedication. 

The Commendation Award was given to Lieutenant Matthew Catron, Officer Jacob Lee and Officer Corey Manley. This award, upon approval of the Chief of Police, may be awarded to a division member who has performed in such a manner as to significantly improve a division operation, or in such a manner as to bring pronounced credit upon him or herself, the division, or the police profession. The trio was chosen for the award after responding immediately to a gunshot victim, providing life-saving measures and managing the scene to preserve evidence. 

The Team Award was given to The Ohio State University Police Division Medical Team members Lieutenant Brandon Yankanin, Officer Jeremy Allen, Officer Sherwin Granger, Officer Doug Welker and Detective Seth Cooper.

“We value team awards as highly as individual recognitions, as we all have each other’s backs,” said Whiteside. “The way our division works together underscores our commitment to mutual support and collaboration.” 

The nomination for the team had a lengthy list of accomplishments including the instructing the university’s president’s staff with a CPR refresher training, leading Police Division In-Service Training, and completed many other impressive tasks. 

Finally, the Citizen Award was given to Margaret Phillips, an administrative assistant who was nominated by OSUPD Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt. 

“She works hard, loves her family and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her,” said Spears-McNatt in her nomination letter.