Safety Programs

Community engagement continues to be a key focus area for The Ohio State University Police Division (OSUPD). Our agency is committed to understanding the vast range of cultures, needs, and experiences our community has with a focus on building and maintaining relationships of trust. Your safety is our top priority and OSUPD offers many safety programs and engagement opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

Community Engagement Team

The Ohio State University Police Division's Community Engagement Team is committed to outreach and education to enhance the safety of students, faculty and staff. Initiatives are aimed at addressing barriers our community is experiencing such as educational forums, events, outreach and training. By engaging in intercultural and intracultural conversations, OSUPD continues to foster relationships of trust between the department and the community it serves. Each program listed below can be tailored to the specific needs of the participants. Please specify when making a request.

Alcohol/Drug Awareness

The course teaches participants how alcohol and drugs can affect a person's body and mind, the legal and societal consequences of drugs and alcohol, their effect on driving, and decision-making.

Commuter & Off-Campus Living Safety

This presentation offers simple and useful tactics a commuter or off-campus resident can use to enhance their personal safety and the safety of their property.

General Campus Safety

The Ohio State University is home to more than 100,000 students, faculty staff and visitors each day. Learn general techniques on how to protect yourself and others.

Introduction to Empowerment and Self-Defense

This course serves as an introductory version of OSUPD’s 5-week Empowerment and Self-Defense program. Included is personal safety information and hands-on techniques. For those on the fence about taking the full class, this is a great way to experience what the class encompasses and meet instructors.

National Threat Evaluation and Reporting Overview (TERO)

TERO is a 2-3 hour introductory training to raise awareness about risk factors, triggers, stressors, and warning behaviors that could impact a person's decision to commit an act of targeted violence. Many individuals planning to carry out acts of targeted violence display threats or observable behaviors that may concern others. Recognizing these threats or changes in behavior can assist you, as a member of the community, in keeping your community safe.

Response to Disruptive & Distressed Individuals

Participants will learn the behavioral indicators and management techniques for dealing with individuals who are either disruptive to their everyday work environment and/or in crisis.

Surviving an Active Aggressor

Learn the best practices for responding to an active aggressor threat. Training options include a presentation of information and hands-on techniques applicable to civilian response.

Community Engagement Request

For any additional questions, please contact Bruce Allen.