Procedures to Follow

Severe Weather

  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Seek shelter in a centrally located sturdy room on the lowest possible floor, away from windows and exterior doors.
  3. Do not go outside or into open areas such as gymnasiums or other rooms where there are large open spans.
  4. Do not open windows in an attempt to equalize building pressure.
  5. Stay away from windows, exterior doors, skylights, mirrors, and other objects that could cause injury if knocked over.

Chemical or Biological Agent

  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Listen for, and follow instructions provided by Public Safety.
  3. Return to your room and close all windows and doors unless instructed differently by Public Safety.
  4. Turn off air conditioning units.
  5. Be prepared to evacuate the area if instructed by Public Safety.

Active Shooter/Active Threat

For Shelter-In-Place instructions during an Active Shooter or Active Threat incident, visit the Active Aggressor page.

Information to Know

  • Location of interior corridors
  • Evacuation routes/procedures
  • Shelter-in-place procedures